Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award!

A very cool writer, Kate Sheeran, who pens the wonderful blog Adventures on the Road to Success, has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger award!

Yay! So now there are some guidelines to follow.

1) Thank the nominator, which is the fabulous Kate. Thanks so much! I'm touched and honored.
2) Post Logo. Uh-oh, she cast a nervous eye around the room. Do they know I posted the logo first? Hmmmm... Okay, at least now I can do the rest in the proper order *cough*
3) Link to the person who nominated you. Easy!! Click here for a fun blog!
4) Seven things about me that people might find interesting. Hmmm, again. Somehow I don't think this is the right time or place to tell people about my Giant Ball of Foil. *heh-heh* Just kidding. It's not that big. Any-who, here we go:

First--I play guitar and sing. Mostly classic rock, early Motown or Soul, Beatles, Stones, and the Blues. Oh, yeah!
Second--My avatar name was Cleo Dreamwalker and I lived in The Sims Online. The heavens shown upon me when I worked for Electronic Arts/Maxis, and I had the dream job of flitting about in-game to interview fellow gamers. How cool is that?
Third--I did stand-up comedy for one night. My biggest laugh came from this line: My name is Chiron and these are my breasts.
Fourth--I was a professional astrologer for twenty-five years.
Fifth--During my singer-songwriter days in the 90's, at a Body, Mind, Spirit Festival, I opened for Timothy Leary!
Sixth--Back in the 80's, I worked box-office for a new-fangled circus called, Le Cirque Du Soleil. Within a week and a half, it became The Hottest Ticket in town. Celebrities vied for entrance. At the closing night party, I drank champagne with Jane Fonda and (my personal favorite) writer, actor, producer, director Harold Ramis. Yay!
Seventh--Again, back in the 80's, I performed in a LipSynch contest in Lake Tahoe as Mick Jagger. And won!! *laughs*

5) Nominate and link to other creative blogs!


Blog #1: Kathy Holmes, Author. Not only is Kathy a great writer, she shares her adventures in travel and her own ups and downs in the writing life. You GO, Kathy!

Blog #2: Author Blog, Glynis Smy. Once again, the trials and tribulations and encouragement of a fellow writer always keeps pumped!

Blog #3: The Morgan Diaries. Funny and insightful. I love this blog!

6) Final step--Comment on said blogs and let them know! Will do. *smile*

Thanks again, Kate! You Rock!


J Hali said...

Chiron! I didn't know you until reading this. You've been busy and creative. WTG, lady!

Chiron said...

Aw, J!

*blush* Thanks so much! You're a sweetheart.


Misty Evans said...

Congrats, Chiron! I enjoyed reading the trivia about you. You truly are a creative woman!

Chiron said...

Thanks so much, Misty!!


Sandy said...

Well, what a switch for you, Chiron. What happened to the rah-rah? Smile.

It was fun.

Chiron said...

Hi Sandy,

The 'rah-rah' continues. It is fun to be self-indulgent and just talk about myself for a change though.

Thanks for stopping by!


Glynis said...

Well thank you Chiron, what a lovely surprise. I am all wedding'd out and now I get an award. I will add it to my blog as soon as I have unpacked my goodies from the UK trip.