Monday, September 22, 2008

We are the Magic-Makers, the dreamers of dreams...

“There’s no place like home.” ~~ L. Frank Baum

Years ago, I read this wacky science fiction adventure. The characters leapt through dimensions, visiting parallel worlds, and … more. In short order, these savvy travelers figured out that some of the never-before-visited locales were strangely familiar. As comfortable as a well-loved book. *wink* Imagine if those beloved tales sprang to life in other dimensions of reality!

Every story exists… somewhere.

They quickly acclimated, drawing up lists of favorite books to see just where they might end up next.

When visiting Oz, our heroine is recognized and greeted as an honorary princess by a denizen of that magical land. When her companion raises an eyebrow, she explains.

“Pop and I moved so often when I was a kid, but Oz was always with me.”

Having moved often as a child, I related. My treasured series of Oz books went with me, and no matter how unfamiliar the school, I always could return to my dearest friends.

"Roads," observed the shaggy man, "don't go anywhere. They stay in one place, so folks can walk on them." ~~ L. Frank Baum

To be a writer… to create… worlds. Is there anything better? We’re creating magic. Portals into another world. Windows flung open so that tropical breezes can carry us away.

Sometimes we forget the magic simply because there’s so much to this writing business. One word, one sentence, one paragraph at a time. Hard to remember that once all the pieces are carefully pushed together there will be a panoramic view. A view to get lost in. Another world.

"Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity. Imagination has given us the steam engine, the telephone, the talking-machine, and the automobile, for these things had to be dreamed of before they became realities. So I believe that dreams--daydreams, you know, with your eyes wide open and your brain machinery whizzing--are likely to lead to the betterment of the world. The imaginative child will become the imaginative man or woman most apt to invent, and therefore to foster, civilization."~~L. Frank Baum


We’re creating worlds here, folks! Think about your favorite books. The ones you get lost in. The world picks you up and sweeps you away. You manage to let go the worries, release the stress, you slip into a bubble of contentment and climb aboard the most incredible vehicle that could ever exist. All within the pages of a book.

And that’s what we’re creating here. When we’re meeting deadlines, counting pages, sweating out an outline, digging out a synopsis, or freaking out over the query, we forget the Big Picture.

Magic. We’re creating worlds here…

Let’s all pull out some of the writing we most love and just for a moment… forget the stress of getting published, of upping the numbers, of finding an agent, of getting the next idea, of polishing mania…

Instead… FEEL the magic. Get excited. Realize what you hold in your hand, in your heart, in your head. Magic. We’re creating worlds here!!

"That proves you are unusual", returned the Scarecrow; "and I am convinced the only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones. For the common folks are like the leaves of a tree, and live and die unnoticed."

Everyone wants to and needs to feel special. Yet so many of us don’t feel special at all. As children, we stress and worry because we’re different AND because we’re not. As adults, we don’t fare much better. Yet we all share a special escape… reading. We can cast spells, solves mysteries, have wild sex *grin*, or slip into another time. Through books, we are all special. The fears of being ordinary slip away as we eagerly turn each new page. We are blessed with a special gift, brought to us by each writer who has taken the time, made the effort, and pushed past the fear. Writers like us…

We’re making magic. We’re creating worlds. It’s worth it. And I’m convinced that each story we craft enriches the world. And to put a twist on the words of Arthur O’Shaughnessy, “We’re the magic-makers, the dreamers of dreams…”

This week, let’s remember the magic. Let’s experience the dream. We Are WRITERS!!

“I firmly believe every book was meant to be written.” ~~- Marchette Chute

We’re starting off with a lovely new week. A week filled with promise and potential. What’s your minimum goal? What’s your stretch goal?

Even as you read this, I'm flying in on the red-eye. *yawn*

My goals this week:

Jump back into my book full-force!
Ten new pages.
Weekly essay.
Unpack. *grin*

What are YOUR goals for this Magical Week?

Write-write-WRITE! Go-go-GO!!



Sandy said...

Thanks, Chiron. I'm glad to be one of the dreamers, and I always have been.

What would this world do without us?


Misty Evans said...

I love the world you create, Chiron. You make magic on this blog every week! Thank you for keeping me inspired to write the book of my dreams.


Chiron said...

Indeed, Sandy, what WOULD the world do without us? *grin*

Now that's a scary sci-fi story--The World Without Dreamers.

Chiron said...

Thanks so much, Misty! *blush*

May more of the "Dreamer's" Books make it to publication this year. Here's to seeing those dreams come true!!