Monday, October 22, 2007

Donut Holes

Special Motivational Post for Writers...

"As you make your way through life, let this ever be your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole." –Author Unknown

Mmmhhh…. Donuts. *drool*

This is the kind of line I would love to produce. One with layers (or do I mean sprinkles?) of various meanings. It works especially well for writers. How often do we despair over the holes in our donuts… er… plots, or the missing frosting, when we should be focusing on the story? We can spend countless hours worrying over a fairly miniscule matter, while the book, along with our energy and motivation, languishes.

What to do when stuck with the Donut Hole Blues?

Everyone's different, so of course, we all must find the perfect method to shake the powdered sugar off our fingers and get back to typing. Some people use strong physical labor (vacuum the floors, wash the windows!), others take a walk or sit down with a pair of knitting needles. I have found some of my best plot solutions come to me while I'm lathering my hair in the shower!

There are other ideas too. Heck, Edison took catnaps throughout the day and credited that habit for some of his best ideas—in fact, Elias Howe reputedly resolved his dilemma of the sewing machine needle by sleeping: the solution came to him in a dream. Taking a walk can be good. The exercise gets your blood pumping, the endorphins pick up the spirits, and the movement can help shake that extra jelly doughnut off the hips.

When I'm stuck, I like to pull up what I call my Free Write document (one for every book). I put in the date and began typing through my problem. I work through possible solutions adding OR This...whenever I'm working through a crossroads. Hmmmmm…she could… blah-blah-blah OR she might... There's a certain freedom I feel there that I can't experience in my 'pristine' story. Some of my best writing has come from just letting myself cut loose. I plot there too, and then cut and paste to my ever-expanding outline.

What's absolutely essential is to keep writing. Whatever method works best for you, whichever tool helps to break through, the goal is to Keep Writing. No matter what. This isn't a lark or a dream, it's a Life-Long Habit. So make it a good one! Practice these words: "Sorry, but I have to get back to my writing." Why? Because you're a Writer, that's why!! Published, successful writers ALL have one thing in common. They write. They PRODUCE books. They don't wish them into existence. They write the damn things. One word at a time. And so will we!

Happy Monday, everyone! Have a fabulous and productive writing week...

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